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Does your home or business have efficient insulation? It’s important to have good insulation in your building if you want to keep it comfortable and reduce energy loss.

You may need insulation installation if:

  • You’re noticing draftiness.
  • Your energy bills are very high.
  • Your HVAC system seems to run constantly.

CFI Insulation performs residential and commercial insulation installation throughout Oak Ridge, TN. We can ensure that your place is well-equipped with top-notch insulation.

Protect your property and improve your thermal performance. Call 865-588-4464 today or contact us online to learn more.

Insulation Solutions We Install

Not all insulation is created equal. Properties and spaces benefit from different types of insulation, and CFI can ensure that your home gets the insulation it needs.

We install:

  • Spray-foam insulation: This material sprays onto a surface and fills the gaps in your cracks and corners.
  • Bituminous damp-proofing: This material keeps rain and elements out of the home and protects wood and concrete.
  • Spray-applied mineral fiber insulation: This natural material fills the smallest spaces and protects well against fire and exterior elements.
  • Fiberglass insulation: This insulation comes in batts and blown-in form and can fill walls and attics to block out exterior temperatures.

No matter what type of insulation your home needs, count on CFI Insulation to handle the installation.

Contact us today at 865-588-4464 to schedule insulation services.

Insulation for Homes

Insulating your home is vital to keeping your space comfortable. Adding insulation in the right spaces can make all the difference.

CFI Insulation can install insulation in your:

  • Attic
  • Walls
  • Crawl space
  • Renovated rooms
  • Additional rooms

Make sure every space in your home has the insulation it needs. Contact us online or call 865-588-4464 to schedule insulation services in Oak Ridge.

Retrofit Insulation for Existing Homes

Homes of every kind need top-quality insulation. If your property feels drafty or your HVAC bills are through the roof, CFI Insulation is here to help. Our team can retrofit your home with high-grade insulation.

You may need fresh insulation in your home if:

  • Your hold is decades old.
  • You have uninsulated spaces in your home.
  • Your current insulation hasn’t been replaced in years.

Improve the thermal performance of your home with fresh insulation. Contact us online or call 865-588-4464 to schedule service.

Insulation Installation for Businesses

Commercial spaces need insulation just as much as homes do. With the right insulation at your place of business, your employees and guests can enjoy a comfortable temperature while on your property.

CFI Insulation installs top-grade insulation at commercial properties, including:

  • Bituminous damp-proofing (spray-applied)
  • Fluid-applied air barrier systems
  • Spray-applied mineral fiber insulation

We install insulation products from top names like Demilec and Henry.

Schedule commercial insulation services in Oak Ridge, TN, today by contacting us online or calling 865-588-4464.

Contact Your Local Insulation Contractor in Oak Ridge, TN

Since 2003, CFI Insulation has been resolving insulation problems throughout Oak Ridge, TN, and the surrounding area. Our technicians know their work in and out, and we work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer free estimates for insulation projects and use the best materials on the market. Trust a company in the IBP Family of Companies to handle your installation needs.

Call 865-588-4464 or contact us online to speak with an insulation contractor.

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