I co-founded CFI Insulation in 2003 because I saw an opportunity in the market place for an insulation company that is proficient in new technology such as polyurethanes and polyurethane injectable foam.

I have worked hard and will continue to work hard to always maintain a sales and installation team that provides superior customer service. Whether it’s a homeowner, a builder, or a commercial/general contractor, we make sure everything is done above and beyond what is required. We give the homeowner and/or builder our utmost in quality and value for his/her dollar.   

Our promise is to provide a very durable product that will last long term for our customers.

We recognize that a house is the biggest investment you can make. At CFI, it is our pleasure to help you improve the thermal performance of your home. I take great pride in helping you save money while improving the overall quality of life in your home.


  -Scott Dyke, CEO and Co-Founder